Federal Agencies

US Federal
Wildlife Management Agencies

There are many Federal Agencies tasked with the responsibility to study, mitigate or oversee wildlife damage management issues as well as preserve the environment and support development in within the United States.

logo   US Department of Interior

logo   Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Logo for USGS US Geological Survey

  • Although best known for their maps,  the USGS also monitors wildlife diseases. Type Wildlife Diseases in the search box for resources, including publications.

US Forest Service logo US Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Monitors species diversity and proposes changes to wildlife regulations
  • Manages the issue of depredation permits for migratory birds and other federally protected wildlife

USDA logo  US Department of Agriculture

  • Inspects imported agricultural products to guard against invasive species
  • Runs Wildlife Services, an agency that performs direct control of wildlife and scientific research on management strategies related to human-wildlife conflicts

Logo for USDA NIFA

 National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

  • Provides federal leadership in disseminating knowledge related to biological, physical, and social sciences related to the environment, human health and wellbeing.

USDA IPM Regional Centers     Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Centers 

  • Funds research to encourage the employment of comprehensive, long-term, and environmentally safe solutions to pest problems.

US Forest Service logo    US Forest Service

  • Manages the trees and grasslands on public lands