Wildlife Damage Management Principles

When searching for ways to control or manage wildlife damage, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the all the available options.  We have provided an overview of General Management Principles.

This portion of the site is dedicated to helping you sort through the options to find the best solution for your particular situation. Please understand that the material is presented in general terms as the applicability of any of these options depends on:

  • the setting
  • local laws
  • regulations
  • personal preferences

This information will be help you make more informed and responsible wildlife damage management decisions.

Below is a list of management methods. Click to get more information.

Shooting Trapping Methods to Avoid
shooting traps avoided methods
Prevention Repellents Trapping Safely
Exclusion for deer repellents for wildlife Trapping safely
Toxicants Integrated Pest Management Hazing & Harassment
Using toxicants for wildlife control. Photo by Dallas Virchow WildlifeHabitatVenn Repellents and Hazing as a wildlife control method
Euthanasia Carcass Disposal Habitat Modification
carbon-dioxide euthanasia chamber Carcass disposal. Photo by Wildlife Control Consultant, LLC Daffodil