Product Suppliers for Wildlife Damage Management

We are in the process of re-evaluating this page and how we decide whether a company or product will be mentioned. Please bear with us.

Wildlife control is a small industry and it can be difficult in finding quality material at affordable prices. Here are a few tips to help you in your search.

Looking for traps and lures?Baits and lure for catching animals

Use these keywords when searching:

  • wildlife damage
  • wildlife damage management
  • wildlife control
  • trapping suppliers
  • species specific traps

Always check a number of sites as prices can vary widely.

Looking for exclusion, netting, fencing, and barrier materials?

Use these keywords when searching:

  • wildlife netting
  • electric fencing
  • bird netting
  • deer netting
  • wildlife fencing supplier

Suppliers of Wildlife Damage Management Equipment

As noted above, the ICWDM is reevaluating its product supplier section.

We have to balance the need to provide quality information to the public and protecting the integrity of our image.

Suppliers: Advertise with the ICWDM

We always welcome announcements, samples, and quality images of your products. We can’t educate the public about your product if we don’t know it exists.