Bobcat Damage Identification

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Bobcats are opportunistic predators, feeding on poultry, livestock, house cats, small dogs, and game animals.  

Carcasses of bobcat kills often are distinguishable from those of cougar, coyote, and fox. Bobcats bite the skull, neck, or throat of small prey such as lambs, kids, or fawns, and leave claw marks on the sides, back, and shoulders of larger prey. A single bite to the throat, just behind the victims jaws, leaves canine teeth marks ¾ to 1 inch apart.  

Damage to Structures

Bobcats do not damage structures. 

Damage to Livestock

Bobcats occasionally prey on waterfowl, poultry, sheep, goats, and calves.

Damage to Landscapes

Bobcats may leave claw marks and spray urine on trees and other scent. These marks are 10 to 12 inches long.