diseasesLook for information and organizations concerned with wildlife-caused human and animal diseases…zoonoses.

Diseases are organized alphabetically by disease and/or affected species group.

General Information

Animal Health – Australia

Animal Health Diagnostic Center – Michigan State Univ.

An Overview of Zoonoses – Los Angeles Co. Public Health

Cage Trapping Safety Procedures – Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Diseases spread between animals and people

Wildlife Disease Manual – Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases (online by chapter) – (PDF) USGS, 2015

Journal of Wildlife Diseases – A peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of zoonotic research

Michigan Emerging Disease Issues – Michigan State Government

National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases – U.S. Nat’l Institutes of Health

National Veterinary Services Laboratories – Ames, IA and Orient Point, NY

National Wildlife Health Center – U.S. Geological Survey: An outstanding site providing information on diseases that threaten both wildlife and humans alike.

Public Health Confronts the Chicken, the Hamster, and the Goat – (PDF) by John Pape of Colorado Public Health Dept. (a good introduction to how viruses emerge and mutate.)

Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study – Univ. of Georgia

Wildlife Diseases & Humans –  1994 Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage, University of Nebraska

Wildlife Exposure Factors Hndbk Vol 1  and Vol 2 – (PDF) 1993 EPA

Zoonoses – Texas Dept. of Health

Zoonoses Fact Sheet – 2008. OSHA

Zoonoses – World Health Organization (WHO)

Zoonoses and Communicable Diseases Common to Man and Animals – WHO, 3rd Ed. 2003



Anaplasmosis Bibliography – (PDF) USDA (APHIS)

Anaplasmosis in Cattle Fact Sheet – (PDF) Texas A&M

Anaplasmosis – Merck Vet Manual

Anaplasmosis – US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Anaplasmosis – US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Identifying Anaplasmosis in the Cattle Herd – Univ. of Florida Extension


Anthrax in Humans and Animals – 2008. World Health Organization

Anthrax Lecture & Photos – Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Anthrax Questions and Answers – 2016. World Health Organization

Anthrax Vaccine – 2018. U.S. FDA

Anthrax Disease and Vaccine – 2022. National Vaccine Information Center

Anthrax – U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anthrax – National Institute of Health

Arboviral Infections

Avian Botulism

Avian Botulism Fact Sheet – 2014. (PDF) Fish and Wildlife. Alberta, Canada

Avian Botulism – 2018. USGS

Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza – 2018. USGS

Avian Influenza Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

Distribution of Avian Influenza 2021 to 2022  – USGS

EDEN’s Avian Influenza Resources – Extension Disaster Education Network

Avian Influenza in Birds – CDC

Avian Influenza in Humans – CDC

Avian Influenza – 2022. Merck Vet Manual

Avian Influenza – 2018. WHO Fact Sheet

Avian Influenza – 2023. USDA APHIS


Bird Biosecurity – 2021. USDA APHIS

House Finch Conjunctivitis – 1998. (PDF) Penn State University

Blue Tongue Virus and Hemorrhagic Disease

Blue Tongue Virus – 2002. Purdue University

Blue Tongue – 2011. Florida University

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease – Michigan DNR

Hemorrhagic Disease of White-tailed Deer – (2013) Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease University of Georgia

Hemorrhagic Disease of Deer – 2022. Cornell University.

Bovine Tuberculosis

Bovine TB & Deer – (PDF) 2004. National Federation of Badger Groups

Bovine TB – California State Info

Bovine TB Fact Sheet – 2021. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

Bovine TB – 2022. Michigan State DNR

Brucellosis (Swine)

Feral Swine – (PDF) 1998. USDA

Diseases of Feral Swine – (PDF) USDA and SE Cooperative Wildlife Diseases Study/University of Georgia

Brucellosis in Pigs – 2022. Merck Vet Manual

Swine Brucellosis – (PDF) 1997. Seriological Paper

Brucellosis – 2021. Centers of Disease Control

Brucellosis Disease Information  – 2023. USDA APHIS

National Brucellosis Eradication Program – 2020. USDA APHIS

Chronic Wasting Disease

CWD – Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance has links to state information


Chronic Wasting Disease – USGS National Wildlife Health Center

CWD – 2021. Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

CWD and Potential Transmission to Humans – 2004. Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal – CDC

Occurrence, Transmission, and Zoonotic Potential of Chronic Wasting Disease – 2012. Emerging Infectious Disease Journal. CDC

CWD Transmission – 2021. CDC


Cryptococcosis – 2022. eMedicine Health
Cryptococcosis– 2022. Merck Manual


Canine & Feline Distemper – Michigan DNR

E. coli

Feral in the Fields, Food Safety Risk from Wildlife – 2011. Food Safety News

Wildlife as a source of Human E. coli Infection – 2017. Letter to CDC.


Ehrlichiosis – American Lyme Disease Foundation

Ehrlichiosis – CDC

Ehrlichiosis – 2021. eMedicine

Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis – 2022. Merck Manual

Ehrlichiosis – 2021. National Institute of Health

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis

EPM – 2019. UC Davis Veterinary Medicine

EPM – Univ. MN Extension

EPM – 2019. Extension

Fowl (Avian) Cholera

Avian Cholera Epidemiology – 1930. Journal of Experimental Medicine

Avian Cholera – 2020. Penn Vet, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Avian Cholera – (PDF) Louis Pasteur’s 1880 Article

Fowl Cholera – 2019. Merck Veterinary Manual

Fowl Cholera – Michigan DNR

Pasteurella Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab


Giardia – 2022. CDC

Giardia Infection – Mayo Clinic


Hantavirus  – (PDF) Oklahoma Health Department with links to English and Spanish fact sheets

Hantavirus Fact Sheet Spanish – 2014. (PDF) Oklahoma Health Department

How People Get Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome – 2012. CDC

Hantavirus – CDC

Hantavirus Cleanup – 2006. CDC

Hantavirus – 2021. National Institutes of Health

Hantavirus: Symptoms and Treatment of Infection – 2015. LiveScience

Hanta Virus Prevention Cleanup  of Rodent Contamination – US Army Public Health Command

4th Hantavirus Victim in NM – 2016. USA Today, Ruidosa, NM

Protect Yourself from Hanta Virus – 2017. Interview, Univ. of Utah Health


Histoplasmosis – 2020. CDC

Histoplasmosis: Protecting Workers at Risk  – 2004. CDC & NIOSH

What Workers Should Know About Histoplasmosis – 2021. CDC & NIOSH


Leptospirosis  – 2019. CDC

Leptospirosis Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

What is Leptospirosis? – 2018. Web MD

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease – American Lyme Disease Foundation

Lyme Disease – CDC

Lyme Disease – Lyme Disease Foundation

Lyme Disease – Lyme Disease Network

Lyme Disease – Michigan DNR

Prevent Lyme Disease – 2018. (PDF) CDC

Tick Management Handbook – 2007. (PDF) CT Ag Experiment Station

Mad Cow Disease (BSE)

All About BSE – US FDA

BSE Mad Cow Disease – CDC

Mad Cow Disease – 2004. Science News

Mange (Sarcoptic)

Mange in Wildlife – Texas A&M

Sarcoptic and Demodectic Mange Mites – 2019. eXtension, Amy Fischer, University of Illinois

Mange Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

Sarcoptic Mange – Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Professional Groups

Association of Reptiles & Amphibian Veterinarians

Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study – University of Georgia

Wildlife Disease Assoiation – Professional Association

Papillomavirus, Shope

Handout on the Virus – 2005. by Medirabbit.com

Shope Papilloma – 2019. Papilloma.org

Shope Virus – Diseases of Research Animals


Pseudorabies  – 2023. USDA APHIS

Pseudorabies – University of MN

Pseudorabies – 202. Merck Vet Manual

Pseudorabies Fact Sheet – 2015. Iowa State University Swine Health Center


Journal of Veterinary Pathology – American College of Veterinary Pathologists

The Wildlife Disease Association


Rabies – CDC

Rabies – Mayo Clinic

Rabies Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

Wildlife Reservoirs for Rabies – 2019. CDC

Raccoon Roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis)

Baylisascaris procyonis – CDC

Baylisascariasis – 2005. Clinical Microbiology Reviews

Raccoon Roundworm Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

Reptiles & Amphibians

Snakebite First Aid – 2021. Mayo Clinic

Snakebites – Healthline

Snakebites – Johns Hopkins Medicine

Venomous Snakebites: Symptoms and First Aid – 2021. CDC NIOSH

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – CDC

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – Mayo Clinic

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – MedScape

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – Johns Hopkins Medicine


Salmonella – CDC

Salmonella Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

Salmonella as a Zoonose –  2020. National Veterinary Institute

Zoonotic Diseases – Salmonella – 2007. MedScape


Shigella – Mayo Clinic

Shigellosis – CDC

Shigellosis – 2021. Healthline


Arthropod Infestations – DermNet

Preventing Tick Bites – 2020. CDC

Risk of Disease from Mosquito and Tick Bites – 2023. EPA

Tick Info – Lyme Disease Association, include a photo gallery

Tickborne Diseases of the US – CDC

Ticks, Tick Bites – 2022.  MedicineNet


Toxoplasmosis – CDC

Toxoplasmosis – Mayo Clinic

Toxoplasmosis – Pennsylvania Game Commission

Toxoplasmosis Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab


Trichinosis – CDC

Trichinosis Information for Hunters – 2017. CDC

Trichinosis Fact Sheet – 2021. Maine CDC

Trichinosis – 2013. (PDF) USGS National Wildlife Health Center

Trichinosis – 2020. University of Pennsylvania PennVet Wildlife Futures


Road Map for Zoonotic Tuberculosis – 2020. (PDF) World Health Organization

Zoonotic TB Fact Sheet – 2017. (PDF) World Health Organization


Tularemia Fact Sheet – State of Illinois

Tularemia – CDC

Tularemia Fact Sheet – 2021. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

Tularemia – 2022. Merck Manual, Consumer Version

Tularemia Fact Sheet – 2016. Minnesota Department of Health

This Little Piggy Had Tularemia – 2011. AgLife Today

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus Fact Sheet – 2018. (PDF) Cornell University Wildlife Health Lab

West Nile Virus Maps – USGS National Wildlife Health Center

West Nile Virus Mosquito Control – EPA

West Nile Virus Resource Guide – National Pesticide Information Center, Oregon State University

West Nile Virus – CDC

West Nile Virus – NIH MedLine Plus

West Nile Virus – USDA APHIS