Field training using Collarum Traps.
Tim Julien teaches attendees the finer points of setting the Collarum Trap

The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management (ICWDM) provides science-based information on how to manage wildlife damage and resolve human-wildlife conflicts responsibly.

Ideas to prevent wildlife damage

Inspection for wildlife damage

What Is Wildlife Damage Management (WDM)?

Wildlife damage management is an activity that tries to balance the needs of humans with the needs of wildlife, to the enhancement of both.

Sometimes the solution to an animal-human conflict requires the human to change his or her behavior. Other times, the solution is to change the animal’s behavior. Various tools and strategies are used to reduce human-animal conflict, such as behavior modification, repellents, exclusion, habitat modification, relocation, lethal control, etc.

Wildlife damage management is a diverse and complex field. The goal of this site is to help you discover the best way to manage your wildlife-human conflict for the betterment of both.

For more information on professional wildlife control visit WildlifeControlTraining.com or National Wildlife Control Operator Association (NWCOA).

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