Elk Handling

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Live capture and relocation is seldom practical unless public relations mandate live removal.


Translocation is very expensive and can lead to death of the animal due to capture myopathy. Most states currently do not allow translocation of elk.

Capturing and translocating elk was a common procedure in several states as long as there were areas understocked with elk. Small numbers of elk (1 to 10) were captured in large, baited corral traps. Free-ranging individual elk were immobilized by drugs injected by projectiles fired from rifles. These programs were being phased out because states with sufficient elk to cause damage problems no longer had areas of too few elk. Costs of trapping and transporting elk are prohibitive and are not recommended unless outside financial assistance can be obtained.


The most convenient method of euthanasia is shooting. Placement of the shot is critical to ensure rapid death.


Check your state regulations regarding disposal of carcasses.