Sewer Vents

Crown Vent Guard, courtesy of JMC Plumbing.
Crown Vent Guard, courtesy of JMC Plumbing.

Protecting Sewer Vents from Wildlife Entry

Sewer vent pipes allow sewer gases to escape. Unfortunately, these openings also are potential traps for animals that mistake the pipe as a cavity to construct a nest.

Cavity dwelling animals include squirrels and birds. Aside from the unnecessary danger these vents pose to wildlife, homeowners should be aware that trapped animals may be large enough to obstruct the pipe. If the pipes are obstructed, the gases can no longer be vented, posing potential problems down the road.

The image is an example of a cap that is available for sewer vent pipes. The one pictured is called a Crown Vent Guard. They come in two colors, white and black, made from thick PVC plastic. When ICWDM asked the manufacturer about whether or not squirrels had gnawed on the cover, we were told that they had not heard of this as problem.