Deer Damage Management Workshop

The Deer Damage Management Workshop offers a hands-on experience using various tools available to manage damage by white-tailed deer. Attendees will be taught by leading experts in deer damage management.

Deer tracks with ear of corn that has been chewed.
Deer cause problems in crops, forests, and residential areas.

We believe that deer damage management will be a growth industry for the wildlife damage management community. While states have resisted allowing wildlife damage management personnel to handle deer complaints, the numbers have increased to such a level that states may not be able to maintain that position for much longer.

Our Workshop is designed to provide attendees with the information necessary to respond to deer damage management complaints in a responsible and effective fashion.

Do you have interest in attending a workshop? Contact us to learn if one is scheduled or could be in the future.

Sample Program

  • Deer Biology
  • Deer borne diseases
  • Human-Wildlife Management Issues, including
  • Public hearings
  • Navigating laws
  • Handling Media
  • Vehicle Collision Prevention

Control Methods

  • Habitat Modification
  • Repellents—Chemical use and efficacy (Demonstration)
  • Frightening Devices (Demonstration)
  • Fencing—Non-Electric,Electric
  • Shooting—Managed Hunts, Sharp Shooting
  • Trapping—Cage, Chemical Capture
  • Fertility Control—Darting Principles and Techniques