WDM Publications and Resources

Wildlife Damage Management Publications and Resources

Wildlife Damage Management is a diverse field. Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult to obtain quality publications and informational resources. The following contains categories of informational resources availble on wildlife damage management.

General Resources for Wildlife Control

ICWDM Digital Commons of Wildlife damage management publicationsICWDM Digital Commons

The Digital Commons is a free, searchable database of over 5,400 articles (and growing) on wildlife damage related topics including, disease, control techniques, human-dimensions and more.

Using the ICWDM Research Database known as the Digital Commons-(2013) by Stephen M. Vantassel


AgNic Wildlife Damage Management LibraryAgNIC Wildlife Damage Management Library

Site provides a good introduction of the diversity of issues related to human-wildlife conflicts.


Invasive Species DatabaseInvasive Species Database

While most invasive species consist of plants and insects, this site includes information on vertebrate species (animals with a spine) as well.


Proceedings and Symposia related to wildlife damage controlProceedings and Symposia

Some may be found in the Digital Commons noted above. Others may be purchased at Nebraska Maps and More.





USDA-Wildlife Services PubsUSDA-Wildlife Services Publications

Wildlife Services is a federal program that provides wildlife control services for airports, ranchers, farmers, and others in the US. In addition, Wildlife Services is involved with mitigating zoonotic outbreaks, such as rabies.