Carnivore Control Information

Carnivore control informationCarnivores

Badgers PDF
Fred C. Lindzey
Foxes PDF 
Robert L. Phillips and Robert H. Schmidt
Bears, Black PDF
Scott E. Hygnstrom
Mink PDF
Edward K. Boggess
Bears, Grizzly/Brown PDF
Charles J. Jonkel
Mountain Lions PDF
James E. Knight
Bears, Polar PDF
Peter L. Clarkson and Ian Stirling
Raccoons PDF
Edward K. Boggess
Bobcats PDF
Dallas R. Virchow and Denny Hogeland
River Otters PDF
Edward P. Hill
Cats, Feral House PDF
William D. Fitzwater
Skunks PDF
James E. Knight
Coyotes PDF
Jeffrey S. Green, F. Robert Henderson, and Mark D. Collinge
Weasels PDF
F. Robert Henderson
Dogs, Feral PDF
Jeffrey S. Green and Philip S. Gipson
Wolves PDF
William J. Paul and Philip S. Gipson