Bark Stripping Solutions

Solutions to Bark Stripping

Aluminum flashing may reduce access by squirrels.
Aluminum flashing may reduce access by squirrels.

Habitat Modification

  • Isolated trees or groups of trees
    • Wrap tree trunks with 24″ (or greater) aluminum flashing at least 6 feet off the ground to prevent climbing (see photo at right by Stephen M. Vantassel). Flashing is used on trunks to reduce climbing access. Place 1/4-inch shives between tree and flashing to prevent mold from developing.
    • Wrap 3 rows of porcupine wire, spaced with tines 2 inches apart, to help prevent squirrels from climbing. Be sure the porcupine wire is at least 8 feet off the ground to prevent people from accidental impalement.
  • Remove or modify all bird feeders.


  • Limited value. Taste repellents can be effective to stop squirrel gnawing on a particular spot. Read label to see if the tree would be harmed.



Legal concerns before initiating a squirrel control program  Check state laws before starting a squirrel control program.

A wide variety of traps can be used to control squirrels, including cage traps, box traps, bodygripping traps, and specialty traps such as Kania and Tunnel Traps. Learn how to use traps properly by consulting the following resources:


  • .22-caliber guns, air rifles, and shotguns provide effective methods of population control in areas where safe and legal. Consult local authorities before initiating any shooting activities. Many communities now treat air rifles as firearms.


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