Releasing Skunks from Yoplait Containers

Caution before working with skunksWARNING: Do not attempt to do this unless you have experience handling wildlife. Handling wildlife requires training, equipment, quick reflexes and keen observation skills. Failure to heed this advice can result in untoward events.

Location: Urban Tucson, Arizona.

Skunk with head in a Yoplait container. Photo by Dave Purwin
Skunk with head inside a Yoplait Container. Photo by Davide Purwin.

A striped skunk was observed by employees of a commercial site, "blindly" wandering about the parking lot soon after light. The skunk reportedly had a container stuck over its head.

-Management called our company to remove the skunk. -The skunk indeed did have a container stuck over its head. I located the animal and placed a 32gal barrel over it. To contain it, I slid a 1/4" section of plywood under the barrel.

-The barrel was slowly turned upright, placed in my truck and driven off site.

-The container was removed by grasping its base with a pair of snake tongs and slowly lifting it upwards, complete with skunk. The container slipped free and the skunk was released without incidence.


David J. Purwin, President


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