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Misguided Mole Control Methods

Mole Control
Misguided Mole Control
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Eastern mole emerging from the groundScientific Name
  • Eastern Mole Scalopus aquaticus
  • Star nosed Mole


Few animals have encouraged more mistaken techniques than the lowly mole.

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This development of these myths has been hastened by the prevalent and mistaken notion that trapping is not effective. Convinced of this myth, people then abandoned trapping and sought after other suppoed miracle cures for their mole ridden lawn.

Here is a taste of the number of questionable if not scary techniques people have used to kill or remove moles.

  • Used kitty litter in tunnels--alleged to drive the mole away
  • Crushed glass in tunnels--alleged to cut the mole causing it to bleed to death.
  • Wrigley's Spearmint Gum--it is supposed to be placed in the tunnel so that the mole will choke to death when he eats it. This technique comes in two forms. One says the gum should be chewed first and the second says it must not be chewed first.
  • Mothball powder in the tunnels.



A mole ridge or surface feeding tunnel Description: Opened to show one to two-inch wide burrow. Photo Credits: Dallas Virchow

 mole run. Photo by Tom Olander Mole run of an eastern mole. Note how the ground is pushed up.



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