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Wolf Control

Wolf. Photo by unknown

Scientific Name: Canis lupus

Eastern Gray Wolf--Canis lupis lycaon


  • 85 pounds (Coyotes usually weigh less than half that amount)


  • Large livestock killed with single bite to the throat with bite occurring on the flanks.



  • Kill cattle, sheep, poultry, free-ranging pets.


Legal Issues

Wolves are an iconic and highly regulated species. Consult regulations carefully before initiating any control.


Control Methods

Habitat Modification

  • Use guarding dogs.
  • Keep area well lit.
  • Fence and sanitize area to protect livestock;


  • Motion sensor controlled sirens can be effective in the short term.
  • Fladry--a line of flags around the perimiter of a pasture has been effective in deterring wolves for up to 60 days (Source--NWRC Research Update Summer 2007. p. 11)


  • Foothold traps
  • Snares


  • Aerial gunning is particularly effective


Available only to Federal personnel


  • Although rare, wolves can kill a human. To avoid attack: avoid eye contact, face animal;  Wave arms, shout and try to make yourself seem bigger than you are. Wolves can attack in packs so keep looking around you for others. Don't turn your back to them.

Living With Wolves

Gray Wolf (fact sheet)--Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Publications & Resources

Western Gray Wolf--U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. A massive site full of quality information.


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