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Shrew Control

Photo Credits: C.D. Grondahl photo from Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

Scientific Name--Suncus murinus "House Shrew"

Least Shrew

Masked Shrew

Water Shrew


Shrews are insectivores.  Note the structure of their skulls as compared to moles, which are also insectivores.

Shrews Mice
  • Not 4 toes on front feet
  • small eyes
  • monocolor fur
  • elongated snout
  • 4 toes
  • large eyes
  • bicolored fur
  • lack elongated snout


SignShrew feces. Photo courtesy of Paul Turlecki, 2008

  • Corkscrew feces--see image. Photo by Paul Turlecki.


Shrews can eat suet and feed at bird feeding areas, eat domestic bees, insects and small fish.

They will eat trapped mice.

Legal Considerations

Shrews are non-game animals. Some species are threatened and have protections.

Control Methods

Habitat Modification

  • Exclusion techniques used for mice will work on shrews.
  • Keep landscaping well mowed and clear of underbrush
  • Modify bird feeders


  • None


  • Set mouse-sized snap, pit fall, box or multiple catch traps, provided its legal in your state.


  • None

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