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Mink Control

Scientific Name: Mustela Vision

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  • Lives in marsh areas
  • Nocturnal with some daytime activity
  • Will travel several hundred yards from water for food


  • erratic trails of tracks or paired tracks when bounding
  • delicate prints usually found near water
  • small slides or "slips" under snow or on river banks

five-toes show in front and hind tracks, occasionally with claw marks. 1 3/4 X 1 3/4 inch tracks.

Mink skull, lateral view. Photo by Dallas VirchowA Mink SkullDescription: Similar but smaller to the skunk skull.
Photo Credits: Dallas Virchow



  • Kill rabbits, chicken, ducks and other poultry. See livestock predation
  • May take koi and other fish from garden pool areas.


  • Mink are classified as a furbearer and have legal protections throughout their range. Consult state wildlife officials before iniitiating control.

Solutions for Mink

Habitat Modification

  • Exclude with fence; seal openings larger than 1 inch to protect poultry and fowl enclosures.

Frightening Devices

None effective


None registered


  • foot hold or body-grip traps


  • Not practical


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