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National Wildlife Control Training Program vol. 1.

House Sparrow Control

Scientific Name: Passer domesticusMale house sparrow. Photo by unknown

Male house sparrow with black bib. Unknown photographer.




Identification of male and female house sparrow

Male and female house sparrow. Photo by Univar








  • Stored grains, livestock feeds;
  • Droppings and nests deface buildings and cause health or safety hazards.
  • Their nesting may also interfere with airvents etc.
  • Compete with native species


Control Methods

Habitat Modification

  • Seal 3/4 inch openings;
  • Nixalite®, Cat Claw ® at perches

Frightening Devices

  • Pyrotechnics


  • Polybutenes


  • house sparrow cage trap. Photo by Dallas VirchowCage traps Description: Usually have trap door, bobbed gate, or funnel designs. Useful where few birds occur. Decoy birds within trap may be useful. Photo Credits: Dallas Virchow
  • A good review of various sparrow traps can be found at Sialis



Assorted guns used in bird control. Photo by Dallas VirchowA comparison of shotgun, .22 rifle and air rifle Description: Choose the right type and caliper or gauge for damage control. Follow all laws and regulations when shooting. Photo Credits: Dallas Virchow


University Publications

Urban Pest Birds: Controlling Damage--Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln

House Sparrow--Clemson University

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