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Control of Foxes

Scientific Name

  • Red Fox  Vulpes vulpes
  • Gray Fox  Urocyon cinereoargenteus

Photo Below: RED FOX by NEBRASKAland Magazine Photo Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) Photo by NebraskaLand Magazine

cage trapped gray fox. Photo by Critter Control

Photo at Right: Grey fox in cage Description: shows how some foxes can be caught in cage traps. Photo Credits: Critter Control, Inc.


  • Primarily nocturnal
  • Prefer areas with cover
  • Foxes have been pushed into urban areas seeking shelter from coyotes

SignsRed fox diggings. Photo by Dallas Virchow

  • Photo at right. Red fox diggings. Photographer: Dallas Virchow



  • kill poultry, small livestock, free-ranging pets, gamebirds; eat eggs, fruitsred fox predation on a duck. .





Control Methods 

Habitat Modification

  • Trench screen decks, porches and sheds
  • Don't feed pets outdoors

Frightening Devices

None found effective for over the long-term.


  • None


  • Very effective, if legal and safe


  • Collarum snared red fox. Photo by Ed LeeCollarum® traps and other power-snares can catch canines like fox, safely and humanely. Photo Credits: Ed Lee photo courtesy of Alan Huot.




  • #2 longspring foothold. Photo by Dallas VirchowFootholds: #1.5 coilspring; #2 longspring offset (see image) use in a dirt-hole set is very effective. Photographer: Dallas Virchow


  • Cage Traps: Fox can be trapped in raccoon sized cage traps.



None registered

Safety and Legalities

Foxes are not known to be dangerous to humans. They are just too small to hurt anything more than an infant or small child. House cats, however, are at risk, but only to those owners who have not kept their cats indoors. Small, toy sized dogs are also at risk, especially if the fox den is near where the dog travels.

Foxes, like all mammals, can carry rabies. However, most exposures to rabies occurs when people approach foxes and attempt to "help it."

Living with Red Fox

University Publications

Gray Fox--University of Florida IFAS Extension

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