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Chipmunk Control

Chipmunks can cause a tremendous amount of damage through their gnawingEastern Chipmunk. Photo by NebraskaLand Magazine and burrowing activities. Pools and sidewalks can be undermined and garden plants ravaged by this cute animals behavior.  

Photo Credits: NEBRASKAland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Photo



  • Diurnal
  • Not a true hibernator but will den up for extended periods of time during severe winter weather
  • Den dweller, often in stone walls


  • 2-inch clean round hole, sometimes a second hole is nearby
  • Alert whistles can be heard
  • Easily seen scurrying around searching for nuts
  • Tracks: 
    • 4 toe Pad Marks on Hind Feet
    • Size of Front Feet 1/2 inch X 1/2
    • Hind and Front Pairs of tracks together when animal is bounding. Front feet usually diagonally placed behind hind feet.


  • Seeds lost or cached, flower bulbs, pet food
  • Gnawing on maple syrup tubing
  • Burrowing can undermine pools, sidewalks, and embankments
  • Prey upon young birds and their eggs.


Chipmunk Control

Habitat Modification

  • Remove food sources such as bird feeders, seed bearing trees.
  •  Remove harborage such as stone walls and replace with wood or brick or interlocking stone.
  • Exclusion: Use 1/4-inch (6-7 mm) hail screen mesh; rodent proof stored seeds or pet food.

Frightening Devices

None effective


  • Both taste or area have limited effect.


  • None registered. They would also be dangerous as this species would cache the toxicant.


  • Cage Trapping--
    • Sherman traps
    • Cage traps
  • Kill Traps
    • Rat snap traps
    • Clamshell traps


  • Not practical


University Publications

These links are comprised of pages dedicated to providing more information on the biology and control of chipmunks. Before initiating any chipmunk control measures be sure to check with appropriate federal and state agencies. Links to those agencies can be found in the navigation bar above.

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