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Bird Control

General Bird Control and Management Information Feral pigeonAlthough they bring joy to millions of people, birds can cause many problems, including crop damage, downing of aircraft, unsightly and potentially hazardous droppings.

These links are comprised of pages dedicated to providing more information on the biology and control of various bird species/groups. Before initiating any bird control measures be sure to check with appropriate federal and state agencies. Links to those agencies can be found in the navigation bar above. 

General Bird Issues & Problems

Attracting Birds of Prey--Washington State University

Avian Predators on Southern Aquaculture--Southern Regional Aquaculture Center

Bird Pest Management in Sunflowers-University of North Dakota

Birds Around Farm Buildings--Penn State Univ.

Birds at Aquaculture Facilities--Penn State University

Birds on Fruit Crops--Penn State University

Managing Urban Pest Bird Problems--University of Kentucky 

Problem Birds around Homes & Farmsteads--Problem birds around homes and farmsteads Iowa State University

Repelling Birds Using Monofilament Line--Montana University 

Urban Pest Bird Management--University of Kentucky

For specific information on bird species, click  Bird Species

Laws related to bird controlLegal Issues

Federal Migratory Bird Depredation Permit Application Depredation Permit Application--US F&W

Specific Bird Species Control Information


Owls & Hawks

Bluejays Peacocks
Crows Pigeons
Eagles Starlings
Geese Swallows
Grackles Turkeys--Wild
Hawks & Owls Vultures
House Sparrow Woodpeckers
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