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Solutions to Common Wildlife Problems

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Research-based Answers to Nuisance Wildlife Damage Problems

Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage 1994Resource Option #1: Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage (1994)

Publication is widely recognized as THE source for wildlife damage management information. Although a bit dated, it still contains a great deal of important information.

Resources are organized into rodents, carnivores, birds, and other mammals.

ICWDM logoResource Option #2: Dedicated Pages Covering the Management of Wildlife Damage

These pages update and expand the information found in the Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage book. Pages frequently answer questions not addressed in chapters of the Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage text.

These resources are organized in the following categories:

General Wildlife Control Theory

General Control Theory

Many attempts at wildlife control fail due to a lack of appreciation for the principles and dynamics involved in managing wildlife damage.

Bird Control Resources


Reptiles and Amphibian Control Resources

Reptiles & Amphibians

Control Solutions for All Other Animals

4-legged Mammals

Category containing all remaining vertebrates.







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