Turtle Damage Identification

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Damage to Landscapes 

Turtle damage to landscapes is limited to the digging of nests.  

Damage to Crops and Livestock 

Many people think turtles eliminate fish from farm ponds, but research suggests that predation by turtles is not significant enough to affect fish populations. Avoid eliminating turtles across large bodies of water as their scavenging plays an important role in keeping the water clean. 

Successive disappearance of individual ducklings and fish may signify the presence of snapping turtles.  

Damage to Structures 

Turtles do not damage structures.  

Health and Safety Concerns 

Snapping turtles are not considered to pose disease threats to humans or other animals. Snapping turtles, however, have a powerful bite that can inflict serious injury. Snapping turtles kept in captivity may carry salmonella.