Otter Damage Prevention and Control Methods

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Overview of Damage Prevention and Control Methods

Habitat Modification

No practical habitat modification has been found for effective control of otters.  


  • Hog wire fences
  • Electric fences


No frightening devices are effective for the control of otters.  


No repellents are available for the control of otters.  


No toxicants are registered for otters.  


Shooting of offending otters usually will prevent continued losses. Otters are inquisitive and often swim within close range for a small rifle or shotgun. Use extreme caution to avoid ricochet when shooting a rifle (.22-caliber) at objects surrounded by water. Shotguns (12-gauge) may be used also and have lower risks of ricochet. Check local, state, and federal laws and permit requirements governing shooting, the use of lights after dark, seasons, and possession of carcasses or parts of otters to ensure that all activities are legal.  


  • Body gripping traps
  • Foothold traps
  • Cage traps
  • Cable restraints