Preventing Wildlife Entry through Ridge Vents
ridge vent Ordinarily animals enter ridge vents when the end caps fall off. Although the picture to the above left isn't clear, you can see that a nail head shows there is a small gap at the base of this ridge vent end cap.

However the photo below, shows that even when the gap is secure, a gap can still exist that is large enough to permit the entry of mice.

Animals that typically enter through ridge vents include:
  • red squirrels
  • flying squirrels
  • bats
  • mice
ridge vent 2

Secure open ridge vent ends by employing exterior caulk coupled with hardware cloth or copper stuff-it material to add rigidity to the material.

copper stuff-it Although copper stuff-it can be gnawed through by rodents, it is often preferred to the stainless steel counterpart due to its flexibility and ease of fitting into small areas. The benefit of copper stuff-it over steel wool lies in its resistance to rust.
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