Wildlife Diseases and Zoonotics
slides of diseases This is the place to look for information, organizations about wildlife-caused human and animal diseases...zoonoses.

Diseases are organized alphabetically disease title and/or affected species group.

General Wildlife Disease Information Sources

Animal Health - Australia

Animal Health Diagnostic Lab - Michigan State Univ.

An Overview of Zoonoses - Los Angeles Co. Public Health

Cage Trapping Safety Proceedures - Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln

Centers for Disease Control - Links

Center for Biosecurity - Univ. of Pittsburg Med. Ctr.

Disease Manual with Color Images - Michigan State Government

Field Manual of Wildlife Disease (online by chapter) - (PDF) USGS

Journal of Wildlife Diseases - A peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of zoonotic research

Michigan Emerging Disease Issues - Michigan State Government

National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases - U.S. Nat'l Institutes of Health

National Veterinary Services Laboratories - Ames IA

National Wildlife Health Center - U.S. Geological Survey: An outstanding site providing information on diseases that threaten both wildlife and humans alike.

Nebraska Epidemiology Factsheets - University of Nebraska

Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study - Univ. of Georgia

Wildlife Disease Information - Michigan State DNR

Wildlife Diseases & Humans - University of Nebraska

Wildlife Diseases & Public Health - University of Nebraska

Wildlife Exposure Factors Hndbk 1 & 2 - (PDF) EPA

Zoonosis Tutorial - University of Wisconsin

Zoonosis - Texas Dept. of Heatlh



Anaplasmosis Bibliography - (PDF) USDA (APHIS)

Anaplasmosis Fact Sheet - (PDF) Texas A&M

Anaplasmosis - Australian Fact Sheet

Anaplasmosis - Canadian Food Inspection

Anaplasmosis - Iowa Beef

Anaplasmosis - Merck Vet Manual

Anaplasmosis - Univ. of Florida


Anthrax Lab Diagnosis Manual - World Health Organization

Anthrax Lecture & Photos - Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Anthrax Patient Tutorial - National Institute of Health

Anthrax Symptoms - U.S. FDA

Anthrax Vaccine - National Network of Immunization Info

Anthrax Vaccine - U.S. Military

Anthrax - Center for Disease Control

Anthrax - National Institute of Health

Anthrax - University of Minnesota

Avian Botulism

Avian Botulism Fact Sheets - (PDF) Alberta Canada

Avian Botulism Facts - Canadian Government

Avian Botulism Mapping - U.S. Mortality Info

Avian Botulism - Merck Vet Manual

Avian Botulism - USGS

Avian Botulism - VetGate U.K.

Avian Influenza

Pandemic Influenza - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Verified Infections - USGS

EDEN's Pandemic Flu Page - Extension Disaster Education Network

Avian Flu - Portal Site

Avian Flu - University of Minnesota

Avian Flu - World Health Organization

Avian Influenza - CDC

Avian Influenza - European Union

Avian Influenza - Merck Vet Manual

Avian Influenza - Purdue University

Avian Influenza - WHO News

Understanding Avian Influenza - University of Maryland

Public Health Confronts the Chicken, the Hamster, and the Goat - (PDF) by John Pape of Colorado Public Health Dept. (a good introduction to how viruses emerge and mutate.


Bird Biosecurity

House Finch Conjuctivitis - (PDF) Penn State University

Blue Tongue Virus

Blue Tongue Survey - USDA (APHIS)

Blue Tongue Virus - Purdue University

Blue Tongue - European Union

Blue Tongue - England Vetinary Resource Center

Epizootic Hemorraghic Disease - Michigan DNR

Bovine Tuberculosis

Bovine TB & Badgers, Case Study - England

Bovine TB & Deer - (PDF) National Federation fo Badger Groups

Bovine TB Control - New Zealand

Bovine TB - California State Info

Bovine TB - USDA (APHIS)

Bovine TB - Welsh Government England

Bovine TB - Michigan State DNR

Brucellosis (Swine)

Swine Brucellosis - Biological Information

Feral Swine - (PDF) USDA

Swine Brucellosis - Merck Vet Manual

Swine Brucellosis - (PDF) Seriological Paper

Swine Brucellosis - Surveillance Information

Swine Brucellosis - USDA (APHIS)

Chronic Wasting Disease


Canine & Feline Distemper - Michigan DNR


Wildlife and E-coli connection investigated in Spinach Oubreak - Oct. 17th, 2006


Ehrlichiosis - American Lyme Disease Foundation

Ehrlichiosis - CDC

Ehrlichiosis - eMedicine

Ehrlichiosis - Lyme Disease Foundation

Ehrlichiosis - Merck Manual

Ehrlichiosis - National Institute of Health

Ehrlichiosis - U.S. Military Info


Center for Fish Disease Research - Oregon State University

Fish Disease Literature - USGS

Fish Disease Regulations - European Union

Fish Disease - Agrifor U.K.

Fish Diseases - Cornell University

Fish Disease Info - England

Journal of Fish Diseases - Subscription

Specimen Submission Guidelines - Australia Gov't.

Warmwater Fish Diseases - Course at University of Florida

Fowl Cholera

Avian Cholera Epidemiology - Journal of Expiremental Medicine

Avian Cholera in Ospreys - (PDF) Journal of Ornithology

Avian Cholera - (PDF) Louis Pasteur's 1880 Article

Fowl Cholera Clinical Info - World Orgnization for animal Health

Fowl Cholera - Australian Government Fact Sheet

Fowl Cholera - Merck Vet Manual

Fowl Cholera - Michigan DNR


Hanta-Virus Fact Sheet - (PDF) Oklahoma Health Department

Hanta-Virus Fact Sheet Spanish - (PDF) Oklahoma Health Department

Hanta-Virus Pulmonary Syndrome - American Lung Association

Hanta-Virus Slides - University of New Mexico

Hanta-Virus - CDC

Hanta-Virus Cleanup - CDC

Hanta-Virus - National Institutes of Health

Increased Hanta-Virus Threat - USA Today June 8th, 2006


U.S. Military Guidlines on Fecal Cleanup

CDC Fast Test for Histoplasmosis Presence

Histoplasmosis: Protecting Workers - 2006 edition rev. CDC & NIOSH

CDC Histoplasmosis and Workers - Rev. ed. 12/2004


Leptospirosis Facts - South Dakota Department of Health

Lyme Disease

Tick Managemnt Handbook - Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Lyme Disease - American Lyme Disease Foundation

Lyme Disease - CDC

Lyme Disease - Lyme Disease Foundation

Lyme Disease - Lyme Disease Network

Lyme Disease - Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Lyme Disease - Michigan DNR

Tips to Avoid Lyme Disease - The Jamestown Press April 13th, 2006

Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease - Science News

Mange (Sarcoptic)

Professional Groups

Association of Reptiles & Amphibian Veterinarians

Infectious Disease Interest Groups - Ohio State University Veterinary

Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study - Unvesrity of Georgia

Wildlife Disease Organization - Professional Association

Papillomavirus, Shope

Photo array of infected rabbits

Info on the Papillomavirus and history of the Jackalope

Handout on the Virus - (PDF) by Medirabbit.com

Shope Virus - Merck Manual


Pseudorabies Committe - U.S. Animal Health

Pseudorabies - Canadian Food Isnpection

Pseudorabies - Clinical Information and Photos

Pseudorabies - Merck Vet Manual

Pseudorabies - The Pig Site

Pseudorabies - USDA (APHIS)

Pseudorabies - Vet Info Network, Australia


Iowa State University Press

Journal of Veterinary Pathology - American College of Veterinary Pathologists

The Wildlife Disease Association

Wildlife Disease Management Study - World Health Organization

Raccoon Roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis)

Reptiles & Amphibians

Venoms and Anitvenoms - University of Melboune Australia

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Dir. of Health promotion and Education


Salmonella - Avian Biotech


Toxic Algae

Tips on Identification - University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Tularemia Fact Sheet - State of Illinois

Tularemia - CDC

Tularemia - Merck Vet Manual

Tularemia - U.S. Department of Labor

Tularemia - University of Minnesota

Tularemia Case in Texas - Texas A&M University May 25th, 2006

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus Maps - USGS/ US Dept of Interior

West Nile Virus Mosquito Control - EPA

West Nile Virus Publication Links - NIH

West Nile Virus Resource Guide - Oregon State UNiversity

West Nile Virus - CDC

West Nile Virus - FDA

West Nile Virus - NIH

West Nile Virus - Public Health Agency of Canada

West Nile Virus - USDA (APHIS)

West Nile Virus - UNiversity of Minnesota

Whirling Disease

Whirling Disease Foudnation

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