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Professional Meetings Announcement Page

Page is dedicated to listing conferences, seminars and other meetings for individuals interested in learning more about wildlife, wildlife damage management, vertebrate pest control, invasive species and zoonotic control topics.

If you know of a meeting that would be of interest to biologists, nuisance wildlife control operators, wildlife damage managers, please contact us at svantassel@unl.edu


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Nuisance Wildlife Control Training Manual
Last updated on10/508/2006

United States







  • 12th Wildlife Damage Management Conference
    • April 9-12, 2007
    • Bayfront & Marina Hotel, Corpus Christi, Texas
    • Details: Organized by the Wildlife Damage Management Working Group of The Wildlife Society.
    •  Invitation to Participate: You are cordially invited to attend and participate in the 12th Wildlife = Damage Management Conference. Now under the auspices of the Wildlife Damage Management Working Group of The Wildlife Society, this Conference is held during the spring of odd-numbered years.
    • Who Should Attend? Participants interested in finding solutions to human-wildlife-conflicts.
      • Wildlife Managers,  state and federal.
      •  Wildlife Control Operators
      • Public Health biologists
      •  Animal Control personnel
      • Extension Specialists and Agents
      • Researchers Students
      • Structural Pest Control Operators, and
      • Natural Resource Managers
    • Presentations will range from practical management methods to more technical papers describing current research and new technology including  rodents, birds, predators, ungulates, and human-dimensions.
    • More details available at http://wildlifedamagegroup.unl.edu




Zoonotic Disease Research Colloquium

  • October 30-31, 2006
    Colorado State University
    Hilton Hotel, Fort Collins



W.C.T. Wildlife Control Instructional Seminar

Urban Wildlife Management National Conference-- "Call for Presentations"
    • June 18-20, 2007
    • Portland, Oregon.
    • Details: Conference is co-sponsored by several Organizations, including the TWS Urban Wildlife Working Group, under the leadership of the National Arbor Day Foundation. Among appropriate categories for presentations are: Minimizing Human/Wildlife Conflicts" "Urban Wildlife and Vector Borne Disease" Presentations proposals are due by November 10 and can be submitted by mail, fax, or online. Presenters selected will receive complimentary conference registration (otherwise $350), which includes several meals during the conference. For more information, including instructions on submitting presentation proposals, visit: http://www.arborday.org/urbanwildlifecall          



    Managing Vertebrate Invasive Species:  An International Symposium

     The USDA/APHIS/WS National Wildlife Research Center will host a symposium in Fort Collins, Colorado, on August 7-9, 2007.  The symposium will highlight research, management, and public education associated with vertebrate invasive species (mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians).  Abstracts are called for on any of the following topics: early detection and rapid response, pathways analysis, prevention, management, eradication, invasions and impacts, economics, resource recovery, public education and support, research needs, and global initiatives.  A Proceedings will be published.  Abstract submission: On a single page, submit the abstract formatted as a single paragraph preceded by the title, author names, affiliations, and preference for an oral presentation or poster.  Please note all oral presenters will be required to submit an article for inclusion in the symposium’s published proceedings.  Following the abstract, identify the contact person by name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.  Format the abstract as follows, using MS Word or WordPerfect: margins:  1” all around; font:  Times New Roman, 12 point; spacing:  single; justification:  left; word limit: 300.  Mail a single printed copy of the abstract to the address below, accompanied by a CD or diskette containing the same information.  Alternatively, e-mail your submission to the address below as an attachment.  Submit your abstract by January 15, 2007.  For further information or to submit abstracts: Dr. Kathleen A. Fagerstone, USDA/APHIS/WS National Wildlife Research Center, 4101 LaPorte Avenue, Fort Collins, CO, 80521-2154 Email: kathleen.a.fagerstone@aphis.usda.gov .



    • February 23-25, 2007  International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance (IMED 2007)
      Vienna, Austria
      Abstract deadline is December 1, 2006. 
      For more information visit  http://imed.isid.org/

    Past Meetings


    A special symposium, will be held Wednesday, at the Berkeley Marina DoubleTree Hotel, Berkeley, California, as part of the 22nd Vertebrate Pest Conference. Eleven speakers from the United States, New Zealand, England, and Australia will present overviews and research updates on aspects of fertility control dealing with policy, birds, rodents, marsupials, predators, and large grazing mammals. Pre-registration before February 6 at a special rate of $80/day is encouraged; full-time students receive a special pre-registration rate of $25/day. See also the "Call for Posters" within the Preliminary Program announcement, available at:http://www.vpconference.org/22ndPrelimProgram.htm#Posters

    For further information on this symposium, including a list of presentations and

    speakers, visit the web site: http://www.vpconference.org/FertilityControl.htm

    or email Robert Schmidt at rschmidt@cc.usu.edu .


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