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Wildlife Damage In the News

We now place the news on the home page. http://icwdm.org

Old news stories are now placed on the relevant page. For example, a story about raccoons will be placed on the raccoon page, etc.

News Sources

The Outdoor Wire--Free source of wildlife related news. Not all related to wildlife damage though.


Wildlife Damage in the News! 2006

Oct 24, 2006. Urban critters. Salt Lake Tribune

Oct 23, 2006. Dealing with encroaching wildlife. Chicago Tribune

Aug 15, 2006. Wildlife Plays a BioTerrorism Surveillance Role. Free Lance Star.

Aug 2, 2006. Monkey Problems in India. AOL News.

July 1, 2006 Florida's battle with African Rat. AP

June 22, 2006 Impact of Invasives. Daily Press

June 5, 2006. Wildlife-human conflicts growing. Deseret News

Wildlife Damage In the News! 2005

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in New York State 4/27/05

Check out the links below for a selection of online news about wildlife damage, disease, control, and general management. We welcome suggestions for News that is valuable to you.  Contact Stephen Vantassel



Elk to be Killed at Hanford Reserve

Skunks Aren't Just a Smelly Nuisance

Feral Hogs Becoming a Problem--Daily American Republic

Feral Cats in the News--Blog

US Forest Service News Releases

Urban & Suburban Residents Dogged by Coyotes


Outdoor Central News

Tri-State News--NJ, NY, PA

Logo and texts that reads U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Vitual News Room
US Fish & Wildlife Service News Releases

Utah State Wildlife News

Australia-Nationwide Crackdown Feral animals

Montana-Damage & Dangers as Bison Herd Moves South

Nevada, Roundups Urged for Wild Horses



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