BLACK BEARSBlackbear (Ursus americanus) (Ursus americanus)

Scott E. Hygnstrom
Extension Wildlife Damage Specialist
School of Natural Resources
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0974


Much of the text was adapted from the chapter “Black Bears” by M. Boddicker from the 1986 revision of Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage.

Figure 1 from Schwartz and Schwartz (1981).

Figure 2 from Graf et al. (1992).

Figure 3 from Burt and Grossenheider (1976), adapted by Dave Thornhill, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Figures 4 and 5 from Hygnstrom and Craven (1986).

Figure 6 from Boddicker (1986).

Figure 7 courtesy of Gregerson Manufacturing Co., adapted by Jill Sack Johnson.

Figure 8 from Manitoba Fish and Wildlife agency publications, adapted by Jill Sack Johnson.

Figure 9 by M. Boddicker.

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Scott E. Hygnstrom; Robert M. Timm; Gary E. Larson

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