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Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage 1994


Lesson Plans
Student Resources

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Educators will find much needed lesson plans related to wildlife and wildlife damage management.

Kids will find games that are fun as well as educational.

Lesson Plans

Texas University Cooperative Extension

US Fish and wildlife Services

Agriculture in the Classroom
Great resource for classroom activities centered around agriculture

Science 4 Kids---US Department of Agriculture

Kids and Rabies - Centers for Disease Control

Become a Bug Sleuth
--Integrated Pest Management Institute of North America Inc.

Activities with Skulls of Wildlife-U of Arizona (PDF)

Wildlife Tracking Lesson Exercise


Click on one of the links to our learning games

Beaver game

Rabbit learning game

coyote learning games

Mole learning games

Blackbird learning game

wildlife crossword puzzle learning game

damage identification game

Living with Wildlife series, USDA-WS (PDF)
Living with Beaver Living with beaver Living with Deer Living with Deer
Living with Cougars Living with Cougars Living with Blackbirds Living with Blackbirds
Living with Canada Geese Canada Goose fun Living with Cormorants Living with Cormorants
Living with Coyotes Living with Coyotes Living with Raccoons Living with Raccoons
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Games

National Trappers Association Kid's Korner
At the present time this link is dead.  Kids Links on wildlife damage management


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