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History of ICWDM

This web site was funded through a grant of the National IPM Network and CSREES. The principle investigators are Scott Hygnstrom, Professor and Extension Specialist of Wildlife Damage at the University of Nebraska, Paul Curtis, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Damage Management at Cornell University, New York, Robert Schmidt, Associate Professor & Wildlife Damage Specialist at Utah State University, and Greg Yarrow, Associate Professor of Wildlife, Clemson University, South Carolina.

The current web site coordinator is Stephen Vantassel, Project Coordinator in Distance Education and Wildlife Damage Management, at the University of Nebraska.

Information on the Site's Founders



The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management (ICWDM) attempts to consolidate existing and future information on integrated pest management (IPM) in wildlife damage management. Its goal is to increase adoption of IPM practices in wildlife damage management by centralizing resources (Hygnstrom et al., 1998)


Media inquiries should be sent to

Stephen Vantassel Project Coordinator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
414 Hardin Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0974
402-472-8961 (Central Standard Time)
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