Photo Contributions

The ICWDM gratefully acknowledges the photographic contributions of the followingDonna Vantassel taking a photo. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel. individuals and organizations.

We are regularly working on this list. If you know a name that should be added, please e-mail

Contributors to the ICWDM

Name Business-Organization
Kent Aden The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District
Erin Bauer University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Stephen Bis
Justin Boner University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Brian Bussey Private Citizen
Kevin Clark Critter Control Inc.
John Consolini Northwest Nuisance Wildlife Control
Jennifer Dorr

Lenexa Animal Control

Rob Erickson Wildlife Control Technology Magazine
Walton Gibbs Private Wildlife Control Operator
Bob Gilman Private Citizen
Lenny Gorski
Matthew Grady
Steve Hamm Private Citizen
J.P. Hansma Muskrat Department of the Province of Groningen
Brandon Harvey Trapper
Alaine Hudlin Private Citizen
Alan Huot Wildlife Control Supplies
  Iron City Trap Company
Ron Johnson University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mark Jones Amtech Pest & Nuisance Wildlife Control Inc.
Tim Julien A & T Wildlife
William Krupicka Private Citizen
Liphatech Corporation Liphatech Corporation
E. Lunquist Private Citizen
Kirk LaPierre A1 Saver
Kyle McDowell Northern Wildlife Control
Mike Merchant, Ph.D Texas Cooperative Extension
Sean Met Seattle Wildlife Control
Brian Mongeau Animal Evictions
Nebraska Game & Parks NEBRASKAland Magazine
Bob Noonan Editor of Wildlife Control Technology Magazine.
Jeff Norris Nuisance Wildlife Relocation
Chris Percha Michigan Pest & Wildlife Management
Jerry Pickel Pickel's Wildlife Services
Presto-X Company Pest Control Presto-X Company Pest Control
Dave Purwin Desert Wildlife Services, Inc.
Rick Provost Private Citizen
Glen Robertson Robertson's Wildlife Removal
Bill Rogers Jr. Animal Damage Control
Robert Ryan Ryan's Wildlife Control
Rick Shadel S & S Professional Wildlife Control Services
Dirk Shearer The Wildlife Control Co. Inc.
Kenton Shepard Peak to Prairie Inspection Service
Ron Scheller Nuisance Wildlife Control
Eric Stehlik Private Citizen
Ron Stetson Stetson's Wildlife
Gary Storms Storms Wildlife Control
Michael Tucker Wildlife Removal Services
USFWS Alaska Maritime NWR
Stephen M. Vantassel Wildlife Control
Dallas Virchow ICWDM webmaster (Past)
Gary Watters Private Citizen
James White  

How to contribute Photos

Personal inquiries should be sent to our webmaster, Stephen M. Vantassel at or 402-472-8961 (Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:00 CST).

Terms of Submission 

The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management Call for Wildlife Photos

The ICWDM in cooperation with the USDA/National Wildlife Research Center is creating an on-line photo database to tell the story of wildlife damage management. We believe that the public is woefully uninformed about the important role that wildlife damage managers play in protecting, life, health and property.

We hope you will help us tell this story by allowing the ICWDM-USDA/NWRC to make your photos available to others, for publications and presentations (like PowerPoint).

Kinds of Photos Wanted

We need print (3 megapixels or higher) and presentation quality (72 dpi) photos on:

Bird strikes--Vehicle strikes -- Rodent damage-Urban wildlife problems, especially coyotes, bears, cougars, mink, otter, beaver, house cat, crow, turkey,  --Feral Pigs --Structural damage-- Agricultural damage, flooded roads, -- Feces --Tracks -- Animal young --Animals in the wild --Animal control equipment and activities 

In short, everything related to wildlife and its control.

How to Submit Photos

  • E-mail--we can accept individual e-mails sized 10 mg or less.
  • Mail--photographic prints to the address below. We will scan the images, return the prints along with digital versions (in both print and presentation quality formats) as our thanks. No charge.
  • CD or DVD- mail it to us.  
    • Stephen Vantassel
    • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • 414 Hardin Hall
    • Lincoln, NE 68583-0974

Along with the photos provide:

  1. Permission authorizing the ICWDM to utilize the images as it sees fit.
  2. Date when photo was taken (month and year are fine)
  3. Location where photo was taken (Town or county along with state)
  4. Brief description of image (e.g. coyote track etc.)
  5. Names along with permission of anyone in the photo to use the photo of their image.

Contributors will have their names, businesses and/or organizations honored on the ICWDM site.


Q. I would like to donate some photos. What do I have to do?

A. First, include a note affirming that you give the ICWDM permission to make these photos available to the public.

Second, include your name (as you wish it to appear) with a statement that you own the photos.

Third, any information you can provide about the photos is appreciated, such as location where taken, date, and description of the scene, identification of individuals within the photo. If you are sending prints, write the information on the back of the print with a FELT tipped marker. Don't use ball point pen as it will crease the image.

Q. I want to donate some photos. But will I lose the rights to them?

A. No. You retain the right to sell and use your photos as you wish. You are just allowing the ICWDM to make your images available to those who visit the site. The ICWDM will also be digitally watermarking the photo to help thwart misuse of the images.

Q. I don't have a digital camera. Can I still contribute photos?

A. Absolutely. Just mail the photos to Stephen Vantassel Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln 306B Biochemistry Hall Lincoln, NE 68583-0759. Photos that are chosen will be scanned. We will even provide you with a CD or DVD of the scanned images for your own use (just as our thanks for your contribution). Of course, your originals will be returned to you. Q. Can I send photos to you via e-mail? A. Certainly! Just be sure that each e-mail doesn't exceed 10 megabytes in size. Our e-mail is


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