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Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage, 1994

Alabama Wildlife Control Operators Listing

State Agencies
NWCO Assoc.
Alabama NWCOs
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NWCO's are organized alphabetically by town. Please remember that different companies will travel different distances depending on the nature of the problem. Sometimes, if the NWCO you contacted cannot help, he may be able to refer you to someone else or offer to train you how to resolve the problem. Government based listings are provided at the head of each list, if available.

We would appreciate recommendations for government or organizational sites that list businesses. Let us know about them by e-mail webmaster Of course, feel free to make us aware about broken links too.

Disclaimer:  This listing of businesses is offered by ICWDM as a public service. The presence or lack of presence of a business or entity on this list implies neither an endorsement or criticism by the ICWDM. ICWDM strongly recommends that property owners carefully investigate any wildlife control business before engaging its services. We have provided information to help you evaluate a business. Please read it carefully.


This page is no longer being updated. Please visit Alabama Wildlife Control Operators Listing

State Agencies

Alabama Dept. of Natural Resources

Alabama Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources http://www.outdooralabama.com/

State NWCO Associations

None known

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators
Town Name Contact Kudos Complaints
Altoona Hawk Spearman 205-589-4622    
Columbiana Wes Walker 205-329-5345    

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