Wildlife Damage Management Training for Master Gardeners

Cornell University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have developed a training manual on wildlife damage management specifically for Master Gardeners.

Master Gardener Wildlife Control Manual Core for the NortheastWildlife Damage Management for Master Gardeners: Practical Core Wildlife Control Principles and Methods

by Paul D. Curtis, Scott E. Hygnstrom, Stephen M. Vantassel, Raj Smith

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This volume contains 12 modules covering the fundamental concepts of wildlife damage maangement, including, wildlife control theory, physical and disease safety, identification of wildlife damage, methods, animal handling, euthanasia, carcass disposal, hiring professionals, and laws.

The material is suitable for Master Gardeners anywhere in North America.


Wildlife Damage Management for Master Gardeners in the NortheastWildlife Damage Management for Master Gardeners: Species Information for the Northeastern United States

by Stephen M. Vantassel, Paul D. Curtis, Raj Smith and Scott E. Hygnstrom

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The species covered by this book include: Bats, Beavers, Birds (Fruit Eating) Birds (Unprotected), Blackbears, Canada Geese, Chipmunks, Coyotes, Crows, Deer, House Mice, Moles, Opossums, Rabbits, Raccoons, Norway Rats, Skunks, Tree Squirrels, Venomous and Non-venomous Snakes, Voles, Woodchucks, and Woodpeckers.

Each module covers biology, damage (including identification), suggested control methods, and disposition.

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