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General Animal Control Information

      Publications by state | Publications by category | Publications by species

  Beasts Be-Gone--Cornell University IPM  IPM practices for buildings
  Dealing with Nuisance Wildlife (Outlines Homeowner Options)--University of Georgia 
Wildlife control information
  Fruit Tree Pests (rabbits, mice, birds, etc.) Handbook--University of Kentucky 
Short section from book
  Land Owner's Guide to North American Predators--Utah State University PDF
  Managing Nuisance Animals & Associated Damage Around Your Home--Univ. of Tennessee PDF
  Massachusetts Living With Wildlife Series--Massachusetts Div. of Fish & Wildlife 
Home Page of Mass Wildlife Resources
  Non-Chemical Control of Animal Pests--University of Minnesota 
Ordering information for Non chemical pest control
  North Dakota State Extension Publications  NDSE Online resources (limited)
  Nova Scotia, Division of Wildlife Publications  Nuisance Wildlife Fact Sheets
  • Bears PDF | Bats | Beavers | Coyotes | Deer | Fish-Eating Birds |
  •  Raccoons | Skunks | Squirrels
  •   Pest Management Handbook--Clemson University 
    General IPM Wildlife Info from ICWDM
      Principles of Vertebrate Pest Mngt.--Washington State University 
    General Wildlife Guide
      Publications of the State Fish & Wildlife Agencies---IAFWA 
    Agency Information
      Utah State University 
      Wildlife Publications--Cornell University 
    Cornell Cooperative Extensions Publications Ordering information
      Wildlife Publications--Michigan State University  Database of wildlife information
      Wildlife Publications--University of Massachusetts  General Resources link for ordering
      Wildlife Topics--Univ. of Florida  Great links for Wildlife Information

    Airport and Wildlife Conflicts

      Aircraft-Wildlife Hazards  FAA Airport Wildlife Hazard Mitigation
      Canada Civil Agency Airport Hazard Information For both Deer and Birds

    Animal Control Products
      Ozone Generator Information--EPA 


      Effectiveness & Use of Repellents--Colorado State. Univ. Bulletin 
      Repellent Symposium--USDA, National Wildlife Research Center 
      Animal Warning Devices (on vehicles)  Washington State University Extension
      Ultrasonic and Subsonic Pest Control Devices--Washington State University 

    Newsletters, Online Journals, and Abstracts

      National Wildlife Research Center, USDA-Publications 
      Repellent Symposium Proceedings, 1995, Denver-Full Text Articles PDF
      Carnivore Damage Prevention Newsletter-Europe 
      Conservation Management Institute Newsletter--Virginia Tech


      Landscaping to Avoid Wildlife Problems--USDA, Wildlife Services 
      Protecting Hay from Deer & Elk--Montana State Univ. 
      Protecting Trees Against Winter Damage--University of Minnesota 

    THEORY--Ethics, Philosophy, Stakeholder Conflicts etc.

      Animal Welfare/Animal Rights-Video order form 
      The Great Hilton Head Deer Debate--University of Georgia---Contact 
      Wildlife Damage Theory--Mississippi State University 

    Training and Certification

      Pest Management Principles--Mississippi State University 
      Pesticide Applicator's Manuals--Michigan State University 
      Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers: A Training Manual NYS DEC Training Manual for Licensed Wildlife Control Officers
      Wildlife Damage Control Handbook
      Vertebrate Animal Pest Control Study Manual--Utah State Pesticide Applicators 


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