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Publications organized by wildlife species

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  Starlings--Michigan State University 


  Chipmunk Control PDF
  Chipmunk Management 
  Chipmunk, Eastern, in the Home, Yard & Garden--Ohio State University 
  Chipmunks pdf
  Managing Chipmunk Problems--University of Kentucky 


  Coyote Control in the Eastern U.S.--Michigan State University 
  How to Call Coyotes--Kansas State University PDF
  Living with California Coyotes--California Fish & Game Dept. PDF
  Predation by Coyotes & Other Predators to Livestock or Poultry--Virginia PolyTech 
  Reducing Coyote Predation Through Sheep Management--University of Nevada PDF
  Reduction of Coyote Predation on Louisiana Livestock--USDA Environmental Assessment PDF
  Proceedings for Evaluating Predation on Livestock--Texas A&M University 
  Snares for Capturing Coyotes--Kansas State University PDF
  Understanding the Coyote (part A)--Kansas State University PDF
  Building an Electric Antipredator Fence--Oregon State University PDF
  Understanding the Coyote (part B)--Kansas State University PDF


  Control of Deer Damage in Tree Plantations--Ohio State Univ. 
  Control of Deer Damage to Crops (Link Broken as of 9/13/04) 
  Controlling Deer in Nurseries & Landscapes--Alabama Univ. 
  Controlling Deer in Ornamentals & Gardens--Oklahoma State Univ. PDF
  Deer & Rabbit Resistant Plants--Univ. of Arizona PDF
  Deer and Agriculture in West Virginia--West Virginia Univ. PDF
  Deer Crash Information Clearinghouse 
  Deer Damage Control Options--Kansas State Univ. PDF
  Deer Damage Home Study Course--University of Connecticut 
  Deer-Resistant Ornamental Plants--Montana State Univ. 
  Electric Fencing to Control Deer & Elk--Montana State Univ. 
  Fundamentals of Deer Management--University of West Virginia PDF
  Hi Tensile Fence Do's and Don'ts--West Virginia Univ. PDF
  High Tensile Fencing Do's & Don'ts--West Virginia Univ. PDF
  Identification of Deer Damage--West Virginia Univ PDF
  Managing White-tailed Deer--Iowa State University PDF
  Minimizing Deer Damage to Residential Plantings 
  Preventing Deer Damage--University of Massachusetts 
  Resistance of Ornamentals to Deer Damage--University of Maryland PDF
  Slant Fence Design Against Deer--Virginia State University 
  White-tailed Deer Management--University of Kentucky 
  Winter Bulbs, Pruning & Deer Control--Washington State Univ. 

FOXES-- Gray & Red

  Gray and Red Fox--Clemson University 


  Dealing with Moles After Initiative 173--Washington State University 
  Managing Moles--Iowa State University PDF
  Mole Control--University of Georgia 
  Mole Damage Control--Michigan State University 
  Moles &Shrews--University of Minnesota 


  Opossum Damage Control--Kansas State University PDF


  Muskrat Damage Control--Kansas State University PDF
  Muskrat Management in Kentucky--University of Kentucky 
  Nutria Article-- IAFWA 
  Nutria.com--Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries 


  Guide to Pocket Gopher Control in Montana--Montana State Univ. 
  Managing Pocket Gophers--Colorado State PDF
  Managing Pocket Gophers--Iowa State PDF
  Pocket Gopher Control--Univ. of Arizona 
  Pocket Gophers & Voles in Blueberries--Oregon State University 
  Pocket Gophers--Oklahoma State University 
  Pocket Gophers--Univ. of California 


  Porcupine Damage Management--University of Wyoming 


  Options for Rabbit Control-- Australian Government PDF
  Rabbit Damage To Tree Plantings--Iowa State University PDF
  Rabbits & Vole Mgt. in Orchards--University of Kentucky 
  Rabbits--University of California 


  Managing Raccoons--Iowa State University PDF
  Repelling Raccoons--Michigan State University 


  Control of Rodents in Poultry Facilities--Purdue University PDF
  Control of Roof Rats in Fruit Trees--Univ. of Florida 
  House Mouse Prevention & Control--Illinois Dept. of Public Health 
  House Mouse--University of California 
  Mouse Management--University of Illinois 
  Prevencion Y Control de Ratas Y Ratones--Dept. de Salud Publica de Illinois 
  Prevencion Y Control Las Ratas de Noruega--Dept. de Salud Publica de Illinois 
  Prevention & Control of Norway Rats--Illinois Dept. of Public Health 
  Rat Management--University of Illinois 
  Rats & Mice Management--University of Kentucky 
  Rodent Control After Storms---Cornell University 
  Roof Rat Control--University of Arizona PDF


  Amphibian Field Guide to S.D.--free--order form 
  Coping with Snakes in Montana--Montana State University PDF
  Coping with Snakes--Colorado State University PDF
  Intro to Snakes of Oklahoma--Oklahoma State University PDF
  Non-poisonous Snakes--University of Minnesota 
  Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation--Portal of Information & Contacts 
  Rattlesnakes--Washington State University 
  Reducing Snake Problems Around Homes--Mississippi State University 
  Removing Reptiles from Buildings--University of Florida 
  Snake Information--University of Kentucky pdf
  Snakes & Their Control--University of Georgia 
  Snakes After a Disaster--Virginia Polytech 
  Snakes During Storms--North Carolina State University 
  Snakes--North Carolina State University 


  Getting Skunk Odor Out of Clothing--University of Nebraska 
  History of Skunk Defensive Secretion Research--Chemical Educator Magazine 
  Managing Skunk Problems--University of Kentucky 
  Missouri Skunks: A Guide--Missouri Dept. of Conservation PDF
  Skunk Management--University of Kentucky 
  Skunk Management--Virginia State University 

SQUIRREL, GROUND--13 Lined, Praire Dog etc.

  California Ground Squirrel--University of California 
  Managing Prairie Dogs--Colorado State University PDF
  Managing Wyoming Ground Squirrels--Colorado State University PDF
  Rock squirrel (ground squirrel) & Chipmunk Control--University of Arizona 

SQUIRREL, TREE-- including gray & fox squirrels

  Gray Squirrel Management--Alabama Univ. 
  Tree Squirrel Control--Kansas State Univ. PDF
  Tree Squirrel Management--Kentucky Univ. 
  Tree Squirrels in Mississippi--Mississippi State Univ. 
  Tree Squirrels in the Vegetable Garden--Rutgers Univ. PDF


  Control of Voles in No-Till Corn--University of Tennessee PDF
  Managing Voles in Colorado--Colorado State University PDF
  Managing...Voles--Virginia Polytech 
  Vole Control--Alabama University 
  Vole Images--Washington State University 
  Voles (Meadow Mice)--University of California 
  Voles in Orchards--North Carolina State University 
  Voles in the Vegetable Garden--Rutgers University PDF


  Weasels--University of Missouri 


  Managing Woodchuck Problems in Missouri--University of Missouri 
  Managing Woodchucks--University of Kentucky 
  Woodchucks--Perdue University PDF
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