Canada Goose Damage Management Workshop

Goose Academy 2014



The Canada goose Damage Management Workshop is a hands-on experience of the various tools available to manage damage by Canada geese. Attendees will be taught by experts in Canada goose damage management.

Canada geese populations have increased dramatically over the past 20 years. Learn the skills needed to help clients resolve Canada goose problems.

Our Workshop is designed to provide attendees with the information necessary to respond to Canada geese damage complaints in a responsible and effective fashion.

Attendees can receive:

Certification on Goose Damage Management from NWCOA

Training Credit Hours GCSAA  (1.75 education points granted)

Goose Damage Management Workshop SponsorsSponsorsNational Wildlife Control Operators Association

University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources

National Wildlife Control Operators Association

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  • Biology
    • Taxonomy
    • Demographics
    • Physiology
    • Food Habits
    • Habitat Selection
    • Behavior
  • Damage Identification
    • Property
    • Disease
    • Collisions
    • Attacks
  • Legal Issues
  • Public Relations
  • Business Considerations
    • Proposal Writing
    • Equipment Selection
  • Control Techniques
    • Habitat Modification Tactics
      • Feeding Bans
      • Grass Cultivars
      • Shoreline Walls and Riprap
    • Exclusion
      • Fencing
      • Lines
    • Frightening Devices/Methods
      • Pyrotechnics
      • Effigies
      • Lasers/Lights
      • Dogs
      • Mechanical hazing (boats, planes, helicopters)
    • Biological
      • Swans
    • Repellents
      • Repellents & Chemical Safety
      • Methyl Anthranilate
      • Anthraquinone
      • Turf Applications
      • Area Applications (Fogging)
    • Capture
    • & Goose Handling
      • Netting
      • Round Ups
      • Alpha-chlorolose
      • Translocation
    • Euthanasia
      • Carcass Disposal
      • Food Use
    • Shooting
      • Shotgun
      • Sharp Shooting

Presenters (Partial listing)

Vikki Rawe -- Master NWCOA Instructor

Stephen Vantassel-- Certified NWCOA  Instructor-University of Nebraska-Lincoln


  • June 26-27, 2014.

Goose Damage Management Workshop ParticipantsWhere

  • Middletown, NY 


Cost of Workshop

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