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Urban Coyote Damage Management Workshop by UNL, ICWDM

Urban Coyote Management Workshop

This workshop was offered in 2011.


Coyotes (Canis latrans) have increased their numbers as well as expanded their range from the Great Plains to the eastern coast.

The Urban Coyote Management Workshop is a hands-on exprience of the various tools available to manage damage by coyotes. Attendees will be taught by leading experts in deer damage management.

We believe that coyote damage management will continue to be a demanded service of the wildlife damage management community. We expect as coyotes continue to adapt to urban environments demand for control services will continue to rise. 

Our Workshop is designed to provide attendees with the information necessary to respond to coyote damage management complaints in a responsible and effective fashion.


National Wildlife Control Operators Association

University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources

Wildlife Damage Management Working Group

National Wildlife Control Operators Association

Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC




  • Attendence is limited to 40 due to the hands-on nature of the program.
  • Nebraska weather can change dramatically during March. Attendees should prepare for varied weather conditions. 

    Items in Italics will be demonstrations

    • Coyote Biology
    • Human-Wildlife Management Issues, including
    • Public hearings
    • Navigating laws
    • Handling Media
  • Control Methods
    • Habitat Modification
    • Shooting--Sharp Shooting
    • Trapping--Cage, footholds, snares, and cable-restraints

Presenters (Partial listing)

Rob Erickson--On Target ADC
Tim Julien--A & T Wildlife
Clause Oleyar--Alpine Wildlife Control


  • 2011


  • Nebraska City, NE


Attendees receive

  • Meet and Greet (Monday Evening 7-9 p.m)-finger food, beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages
  • 5 breaks (beverages and snack)
  • 2 lunches
  • 1 steak dinner (cooked to order) with beer/wine (Wednesday night)
  • binder of deer damage management articles and materials

$250.00 To Sign Up Visit Participants Deer Damage Management WorkshopDeer Damage Management Workshop



Inquiries should be made to

Stephen Vantassel Project Coordinator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
414 Hardin Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0974
402-472-8961 (Central Standard Time)
Coyote Urban Coyote Management Workshop

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