Wildlife Control Training by ICWDM and Others

The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management (ICWDM) provides several training opportunities in wildlife damage management.

Training can be provided online or in your location.

Training Seminars

Training seminars are more classroom oriented instruction. The goal is to disseminate information as efficiently as possible.

We can present the following seminars in your area

National Wildlife Control Training Program--this 2-day seminar covers the fundamentals of being a wildlife control operator.

Bat Standards Compliant Training (in collaboration with NWCOA)


Tim Julien teaching attendees the finer points of setting the Collarum Trap.
Tim Julien teaching attendees the finer points of  setting the Collarum® Trap.  


Workshops are focussed on "hands-on" training. Conferences are focused more toward lecture-based training. 

We can bring these workshops to your area.

Deer Damage Management Workshop

Goose Damage Management Workshop

Urban Coyote Management Workshop


The Wildlife Damage Management Conference  bi-annual, location varies

Urban Pest Management Conference  annual, Lincoln, NE

Online Training

Training teaches the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to become a wildlife control operator.

National Wildlife Control Training Program-Course

National Wildlife Control Training Program- Manual

Wildlife Control Training by Others

Trapper's College and Furbearer Management Course-Fur Takers of America

Superb training in the use of footholds, snares, cable-restraints, cage/box traps, and body-grip devices.




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