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Professional page. Photo by Stephen M. VantasselThis page is dedicated to wildlife damage control businesses and agents responsible for issues in wildlife and their damage. Located here are professional associations, job openings, technical literature, specialized equipment and government positions related to wildlife management.

Certifications and Licensing

Education for WCOs

National Wildlife Control Training Program


Airport Wildlife Mitigation--U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Careers in Conservation--U.S. Fish and Wildlife

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Personnel List--Nationwide

Wildlife Related Employment Listings--Texas A&M University

Online Communities

Agriculture & Wildlife Sites Listings--Private Company

NWCOA On-line Community--Professionals (Members Only)

Sullivan's Trapline Forum--Fur Trappers

Wildlife Pro Network--Professionals (free)

Professional Associations

Who you know is important because you can't know it all. Developing friends and colleagues will improve you professionally and personally.


  • Magazines and Newsletters
  • Books
  • Journals
  • Videos
  • Podcasts


Workshops and conferences related to wildlife damage management.


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