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Stephen Vantassel The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management knows that sometimes special and specific assistance is needed.  We know that business is tough sometimes. We are here to help.

But before we can help you, we need you to do a few things. Please visit these pages if for nothing else to make sure that you are familiar with some terms and know what the animal/problem isn't.  Becoming better informed will help me, help you. 

Animal Damage IdentificationIf you don't know what animal is causing the damage, be sure to visit Animal Damage Identification  

National Wildlife Control Training Program Volume 1 and 2

Reference materials for the control of wildlife damageTrapping and control information can be researched by species at the Store  and The Handbook

  • Technical questions should be researched using our FREE online database, the Digital Commons.

If after reading that information, you still have questions, then by all means drop us a line. In your question please include the following information so we can assist you better

  • State/region where the problem is occurring.
  • Explain the nature of the damage.
    • Inside building? Outside building?
    • Noise, gnawing, predation,
    • Damage occurs during the day? Night?
  • Any activities you have employed in an attempt to mitigate the damage.
  • Provide any pictures (if possible) of the damage.
  • Understand our disclaimer


We do not honor privacy and confidentiality disclaimers in e-mails unless the ICWDM is under contract!

Legal disclaimerDisclaimer: As with any activity, remember that animal damage control comes with its own risks and problems which can include but are not limited to legalities, health threats, and personal liabilities. Be sure to follow all state laws governing wildlife and make sure you have a thorough understanding on how to resolve the animal damage complaint. Our advice is only as good as your understanding of our recommendations and our understanding of your situation. If you have any questions be sure to write back.

All requests should be made with the understanding of our Terms of Use.


Questions can be e-mailed to  Ask the Expert; I acknowledge the Terms of Use

You can also call 402-472-8961. I am often in the office between 8:30-5:00  M-F CST. If I am not in, just call back in an hour or so. Leave a clear message including your time zone and a good time to reach you. 

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