Tips for Protecting Windows from Birds

Why do birds peck at windows?

  • Birds see their reflection in the window and perceive the image as an intruder to their territory.
  • Pecking behavior typically occurs in the April to May, but can occur during any nesting season.

How do I stop birds from pecking at windows?

  • The key is to prevent the birds from seeing their reflection.
    • Hang objects in front of the window.
    • Add stickers or labels to the window.
    • Turn on a lamp behind the window or shine a light in front of the window.
    • Smear the window with dish soap. Then spray it off when the nesting season is completed.
Windows pose significant risks to birds. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel
Hang objects in front or behind a large window to reduce the window's reflectivity. Photo by Stephen M. Vantassel.

Help Birds Avoid Windows

The Problem

Millions of birds are killed each year from injuries sustained after flying into windows. Help reduce these unnecessary deaths by instituting the following practices.

The Solution

  • Avoid using large picture windows whenever possible.
  • Reduce the reflectivity of the window.
    • Hang objects in front of window
    • Add decals to the window
    • Closing blinds and curtains
  • Studies are mixed regarding when window strikes are most frequent. Some suggest fall months when birds are migrating. Others suggest during winter when birds congregate at bird feeders.


David Horn, Milikin College.



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