Preventing Animal Injury and Death in Window Wells
The following information is provided to help you evaluate your animal damage prevention needs. We can't guarantee its completeness as animals are doing new things all the time.

Animals that Typically Fall into Window wells:

skunk in well
  • Skunks (see photo at right by Stephen Vantassel)
  • Opossums
  • foxes

Ways to Prevent Animal Entry into Window Wells

  • Window Well Covers (photo by Stephen Vantassel)

Ways to Rescue Animals Trapped in Window Wells

well cover
  • Cleated board (8 inches wide with cleates every 6 inches to provide animal a foothold). Ideally the board should be no steeper than a 450 angle.
  • Place two 2x4's with 1/4-inch hardware cloth secured between the two boards. The mesh will provide a surface the animal can grip. Cut to appropriate size.
  • Place an appropriate sized baited trap in the well. (Cover trap if you are setting for a skunk). Check trap twice a day (morning and evening).
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