Wildlife Damage Prevention for Structures

Introduction & Disclaimer

Prevention is an imperfect discipline. Animals adapt to our methods and materials and workmanship break and decay over time. Monitoring and maintenance are necessary in any prevention program. Acting quickly before a problem gets out of hand will save you a lot of trouble down the road. If you are looking to mitigate a problem that is already occurring please visit the solutions links in the menu bar. If you aren't sure what the cause of the problem is then visit the animal damage identification section. Here is a diagram of a house with a number of places where animals become a problem. This image is courtesy of Stephen Vantassel.

Click the name of the area you wish to protect. Use the picture for a reference.

Caution: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER close a hole or opening unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain an animal is NOT living there. If you have any questions about whether the opening is being used, then click Animal Damage Identification.

house diagram

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