Protecting Gardens and Plants from Wildlife Damage

Protecting Gardens

Exclusion is the gold standard. Installation of fencing or other suitable barrier is by far the most effective in protecting gardens from animal damage. Unfortunately, it is also the most costly, in initial time and money required to install. However, over the long term, these costs can rapidly become less expensive than other methods.

Birds: install greenhouses or install overhead lines like the ones pictured below. greenhousewire enclosure

Ground Animals-non climbing: install fences with walls at least 24 inches high, and a skirting buried 2 inches below the soil and bent away from the area needing protection at least 18 inches (to prevent digging). Pay close attention to gateways, making sure that the ground underneath doesn't allow access under the door. Just be sure that the fence is tall enough to protect plants during regular snow fall. See image below. fence exclusion
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