Preventing Animal Damage Through Cat and Pet Doors

If your pet can use an opening, a raccoon or other wild animal can too!

pet coonUnfortunately, we cannot recommend any solution for cat or other pet doors except to close them off and don't use them. Unless manufacturers develop a steel cat electronic door that only allows the collared cat in and actually stops the raccoon, we must give you the bad news. The present plastic doors are too weak to withstand a determined raccoon.

Failure to heed our advice may result in raccoons entering your home and/or eating your pets food and exposing them to diseases. Fleas and ticks are also a concern as they may fall off as the animals move around.

Consider the image to the right. Note how a raccoon, which was using the electronic pet door, was captured inside the garage. Photo by Stephen Vantassel.

We would welcome learning about any product that works to keep out raccoons while allowing the movement of cats.
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