Damage ID





Wildlife Damage Inspection Decision Tree

Because you can't control what you haven't identified...

Animal Damage ID Inspection Process

Introduction & Disclaimer

This decision tree will ask you various questions to help you identify the animal causing damage to your property. While the creators have endeavored to be thorough, they make no claims in that regard. We request that readers see this page ONLY as a guide which contains principles and insights that may prove helpful in identifying the cause of wildlife damage to one’s property. Please note that this guide doesn’t take into account damage caused by machines, people, or insects. Please read the information carefully.

Where is the problem occurring?

Indoors Outdoors Livestock Vehicles Unsure/Bad Smell
indoor outdoor livestock vehicle dunno

Other Inspection Methods

These are listed as such because thes methods may be less available or reliable under certain conditions.

Inspection Techniques & Strategies

Wildlife Identification

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