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Wildlife Event and Wildlife Damage Calendar

The information contained here is to provide you with general and approximate times when animals, mate, give birth, disperse and cause the majority of damage to property.

It will provide guidelines only!! Understand that wildlife don't always follow the "rules". For example, NWCO's have observed raccoon young in every month of the year. Certainly, the vast majority of their encounters with raccoon young occur during the Spring. However, be aware that what happens generally doesn't mean much to your situation in particular.  Nevertheless, this calendar is useful in providing you with more information to help you identify the culprit damaging your property.

We welcome your observations, submit suggestions to . For this calendar will be an ongoing project.

Alabama Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina
Alaska Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Arizona Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arkansas Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
California Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
Colorado Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Connecticut Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Delaware Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
District of Columbia Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
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