Animal and Wildlife Threats

Animals may be exciting and enjoyable to look at but they can be responsible for some incredible damage and potential danger to human health and safety. There are dangers from diseases, bites, scratches, structural damage, and more. 

Animal Attacks

Although exceedingly rare, a wide variety of wild animals have been implicated in attacking humans. Learn about the various species involved in attacks and how you can reduce your risk of being attacked by wildlife. >>Animal Attacks 

Animal Collisions

bird plane strikeBird Strikes (bird versus aircraft)

Deer Vehicle Collisions

Animal versus Stationary Structure (e.g. Window Strikes)


Invasive Species

Burmese python. An invasive species of south Florida These are animals that are introduced or move into habitat that was not part of their historical range, often with disastrous consequences for the environment.
Some examples include:
  Burmese Python 
  House Sparrow
  Pigeon Starling


Wildlife Diseases

tickWe're talking about more than rabies. Learn how to avoid contracting wildlife borne illnesses.
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