Professional Wildlife Management Education and Training

Education and Training

Wildlife Control Officers and Pest Management Professionals have special education and training needs. Trapping wild animals, using pesticides and other chemical treatments, and the use of lethal techniques for wildlife control all require special training. In addition, many techniques for wildlife control are subject to local, state, and federal regulations.

Below is a list of technical materials, and training workshops. Legal regulations can be seen here.

Conferences, Symposia & Workshops

General WDM Workshops and Conferences

You will find current and past conferences and workshops listed here. We maintain past conferences as they can be helpful in finding relevant experts and papers.

Vertebrate Pest Conference - Bi-annual meeting (even numbered years). The grandfather conference in the wildlife damage management field.

Chemical Capture Training

Chemical Immobilization Seminars - Safecapture

Wildlife Handling & Chem. Immobilization - Global Wildlife Res.

Information Clearinghouses & Databases

American Society of Mammalogists - 631 mammal species descriptions (pdf) in great detail.

Animal Attack - Search page

Invasive Species Information Clearing House - U.S. Govt.

Material Safety Data Sheets - (MSDS)

MSDS - sheets of Bonide Products

National Pesticide Information Center - (PDF) Oregon State Univ.

Find a Conservation Organization - Directory by NWF

Pesticide Education Resources - Univ. of Nebraska A comprehensive list of materials related to all aspects of pesticide use.

Pesticide Information - International Society for Pest Information

USDA APHIS Wildlife Services

Cooperative State, Research, Education, and Extension Fish and Wildlife Resources

Regional IPM Centers

Invasive Species Information Clearing House U.S. Govt

Net Vet List of good pet site links

A Landowner�s Guide to Common North American Predators of Upland-nesting Birds (PDF)

Beasts Be gone! A Practitioner's Guide to IPM in Buildings

Managing Nuisance Animals and Associated Damage Around the Home PDF

Massachussetts Wildlife

Ohio State Extension

USGS National Wildlife Health Center



Pest Management Principles - Mississippi State University

Pesticide Applicator's Manuals - Michigan State University

Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers - A Training Manual NYS DEC Training Manual for Licensed Wildlife Control Officers

Vertebrate Animal Pest Control Study Manual - Utah State Pesticide Applicators

Policies, Guidelines & Related Policy Advocates

AVMA (PDF) 2013 Report on Euthanasia

Guidelines for Agricultural Pesticide Equipment - United Nations Agriculture Org.

Pesticide Testing and Wildlife - Purdue Univ. PDF

Pesticides & Prevention - Purdue University PDF

Pesticides & the Law - Purdue University PDF

Public Health Pest Control Manual - University of Florida

Theory - Ethics, Philosophy, Stakeholder Conflicts etc.

The Great Hilton Head Deer Debate - University of Georgia---Contact

Wildlife Damage Theory - Mississippi State University

Safety Training

Electrical Safety - by Tim Christie WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES (videos don't load)

Wildife Courses

Fur Taker's College - Purdue Univ.

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